This FAQ provides answers to basic questions about TOK.


Q:What is TOK?

TOK is an easy-to-use application for peer-to-peer communication. We use end-to-end encryption technologies to secure your conversations. With TOK, you can send messages, photos, videos and files of any type without anyone else listening in. TOK's goal is to make the world connect freely.

Q: Who is it for?

TOK is for everyone in the world who minds privacy. In TOK, you will never be tracked, censored or spied on.

Q: Who developed TOK?

Developed and run by a group of free-spirited idealists, techno-geeks, cypherpunks, and advocates of blockchain and open finance from all over the world.

Q: Is it available on my device?

We have apps for Android(5.0 and up) and iOS(4.0 and above). Desktop apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux are coming up.

Q: How does TOK ensure that my information is safe?

1. End-to-end encryption with perfect forward secrecy.
2. Peer-to-peer communication does not go through the central server.
3. Onion routing to ensure anonymity.
4. The private key belongs only to you.
5. Open source, every detail is transparent to you.

Q: Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Please check Privacy Policy on the navigation bar.

Q: How can I update TOK?


Method 1: Official website https://www.tok.life

Method 2: Update TOK on Google play


Update TOK on Appstore.

Q: Can TOK protect me against everything?

TOK helps when it comes to data transfer and secure communication. This means that all data (including media and files) that you send and receive via TOK cannot be deciphered even when intercepted by your internet service provider, owners of Wi-Fi routers you connect to, or other third parties.

But please remember that TOK cannot protect you from your own mother if she takes your unlocked phone without a passcode. Or from any other people that get physical or root access to your phones running TOK.

Q: Why can jailbroken and rooted devices be dangerous?

Using a rooted or jailbroken device makes it easier for a potential attacker to gain full administrative control over your device — root access.

A user with root access can easily bypass security features built into the operating system, read process memory or access restricted areas, such as the internal storage. Once an attacker has root access, any efforts to mitigate threats become futile. No application can be called safe under these circumstances, no matter how strong the encryption is.

Q: What permissions does Tok acquire?

  • Network Connection: Connecting to the network to send messages (permissions that must be obtained)
  • Read and write storage space for mobile phones: as described above, for saving ID files and chat data (permissions that must be obtained)
  • Read Albums, Multimedias, Files: Tok needs to get this permission when it needs to send photos, videos, and files from the device (it can be turned off when not in use)
  • Cameras: It is necessary to get this permission when you take videos or photos through Tok and send them to your friends (you can turn them off if you don't use them)
  • Microphone: To send voice messages, voice calls, and video calls, it is necessary to get this permission (you can turn it off if you don't use it)
  • Tip sound and vibration: Tips for receiving new messages (closed when not in use)

Your account

Q: How my ID is generated? What makes it so special?

Your ID contains a long term Public Key of the peer (32 bytes) followed by a 4 byte NoSpam value and a 2 byte XOR Checksum. Your ID is generated by your own device without any private information and centralized server. The randomly generated alpha-numeric ID is used to identify peers in network and all communication is interfaced with it.

Q: How my key pair is generated? How does it work?

A Key Pair is a pair of Secret Key and Public Key. A new key pair is generated using the crypto_box_keypair function of the NaCl crypto library. Two separate calls to the key pair generation function will return distinct key pairs. See the NaCl documentation for details.

The long-term public key is what the receiver adds to his friend list if he accepts the friend request.

Packets are encrypted using the public key of the receiver and the secret key of the sender. The receiver decrypts the packets using the receiver's secret key and the sender's public key.

Q: How NoSpam works?

“NoSpam” is a number used to prevent someone from spamming the network with valid friend requests. It makes sure that the only people who have seen the Tok ID of a peer are capable of sending them a friend request.

The “NoSpam” is one of the ID components of the ID. Changing the would stop the incoming wave of spam friend requests without any negative effects to the users friends list. You can change your “NoSpam” by resetting your ID, Mine > Setting > Reset Tok ID

Q: How many accounts can I create?

No limits on account creating, you can create 2^256 accounts theoretically, more than the number of all atoms in our universe.

Q: What is an ID Profile?

ID profile is used for maintaining your identity and information when substituting devices. TOK has no central server to store your information. All of your information is encrypted and stored locally as ID profile. It contains your information, such as private key, nickname, bio info, contacts etc., up to the moments you export as ID profile. To ensure the consistence and effectiveness of these information, please export ID profile from time to time.

Q: How can I delete my account?

Mine > Setting > Delete ID Profile, If the ID you want to delete has more than one ID Profile, please delete them all.


Q: How to create a group?

  • Step 1- Click "+" in the inbox.
  • Step 2- Select the type of group.
  • Step 3- Search for your friend(s) in the contact list and add them to create group (chose at least one member).
  • Step 4- Click "Done".
  • Step 5- Start to Chat!

Q: How to invite a friend to a group chat?

  • Step 1- Select the conversation from the inbox.
  • Step 2- Click "More".
  • Step 3- Click the button “edit”.
  • Step 4- Select the friend(s) you and add to Group Chat.
  • Step 5- Click "Done".

Q: What is the maximum number of members in a group?

Groups can have up to 100000 members each.

Q: What is the difference between Public Group and Private Group?

Private groups only can be joined only if you are invited and will not appear in search result.Public groups can be found by searching and qualified for everyone to join. A group’s type cannot be changed after it is created.

Q: What types of messages are supported in a group?

Text and voice message, photo, video(size<10M),file(size<10M) are supported so far.

Q: How can I remove members in a group?

Click MORE in group message tab > Edit members > Select the member > Delete


Q: How to discover TOKers around the world?

  • Step 1- Click "Neverland" in Mine.
  • Step 2- Click "Discover" or "Stealth Mod"
  • Step 3- Add the TOKers you are interested in.

Q: How can I show myself to other TOKers?

Your information will be shown on list if you've already joined the group. Click "My Style" to edit your information or remove 'me' from the list.

Q: What information will be shown on the list?

The information contains Avatar, Nickname, Bio and What's Up.

Q: How can I remove 'me' from the list?

If you don't want your information be shown on the list, click "Quit" to remove your information from the list.

Q: How can I stop other TOKers from Neverland send me friend requests?

Quit the Neverland and reset your Tok ID.


Q: How can I add someone to my contact list?

Go to 'Me' panel and find your TOK ID. It will be a string like: D1BCA4E4D9C620FE0BF815D8C8A2317AF792 66F5F2750B909ED2BABDF6AC6264741BACF5 6B53. Share your ID with a friend and have them add you as a contact. That's it.

Q: How to keep my account when I replace device?

Please follow the steps below for iOS version:

  • Step 1- Me > Settings > Export Profile > Select export path > Complete.
  • Step 2- Transfer Profile to new device.
  • Step 3- Install TOK on your new device.
  • Step 4- Click on the Profile and select Open with TOK.

Android version:

  • Step 1- Me > Settings > Export Account Info > Select export path > Complete.
  • Step 2- Transfer Profile to new device.
  • Step 3- Install TOK on your new device and open it.
  • Step 4- Import Account > Select the path of your profile > complete.

Q: What should I do if I forgot my password?

We can't help you to reset your password. Tok has no central servers, all data is encryption and stored on your device, we do not save ang of your information, including your Tok ID. So, please keep your password stay with you.

Q: How to contact you?

reddit: r/TokMessenger

Twitter: @TokMessenger

Facebook: @TokMessenger

TOK ID: D1BCA4E4D9C620FE0BF815D8C8A2317AF79 266F5F2750B909ED2BABDF6AC6264741BACF 56B53

Public Group: #1791C5FFA3FDC873431